Departmental Bulletin Paper パラ言語スキルに焦点化した話し方個別学習教材の評価

平野, 美保  ,  柴田, 好章  ,  HIRANO, Miho  ,  SHIBATA, Yoshiaki

11pp.47 - 51 , 2015-03-31 , 名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科附属生涯学習・キャリア教育研究センター
The purpose of this study was to provide self-learning material that focused on paralanguage skill development. The study assessed the effects of the material on university students by using expert evaluations and pre- and post-questionnaires to determine if there were any changes in the participants' behavior or awareness. It was presumed that university students would be eager to learn about speech. An analysis of the results showed that although the participants were already aware of most of the contents in this self-learning material, the material did affect the students' recognition of the difference of impression, confirmation of points, and motivation to improve behavior. In conclusion, this self-learning material appears to be useful for university students. Positive changes were also-observed in vocal awareness and behavior.

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