Departmental Bulletin Paper 戦時下における田澤義鋪の教育思想と実践 : 戦時体制への参加と抵抗

上原, 直人  ,  UEHARA, Naoto

11pp.1 - 10 , 2015-03-31 , 名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科附属生涯学習・キャリア教育研究センター
Looking at Yoshiharu Tazawa (1885-1944) who is known as a prominent youth organization leader before the war and said to have influenced the development of adult and community education in Japan during the post-war reform period, this paper aims to analyze his behavior during the wartime in order to explain how he faced the wartime regime. While his major interest was youth education, Tazawa had also shown interest in political education and workers education even before the wartime regime began growing and developed various practices. Behind these educational practices was the educational philosophy to develop self-directed and creative individuals through cooperative life in local society. It is true that there was a side of Tazawa gradually involving himself in the wartime regime during the wartime while preserving the national polity and cooperating with the mobilization of the whole country. At the same time, we can clearly see the side of Tazawa resisting the wartime regime: while freedom of speech was strictly regulated and many advocates were forced to abandon their thoughts, Tazawa kept his distance from various organizations, launched criticisms toward the state of things that were being militarized, and continued exploring his own educational thought and practices. Going forward, it is necessary to further examine in depth both sides of Tazawa-involvement in and resistance to the wartime regime-by analyzing the development of his educational practices in detail.

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