Departmental Bulletin Paper Utility of a 3-dimensional full-scale NaCl model for rib strut grafting for anterior fusion for cervicothoracic kyphosis

Kobayashi, Kazuyoshi  ,  Imagama, Shiro  ,  Muramoto, Akio  ,  Ito, Zenya  ,  Ando, Kei  ,  Yagi, Hideki  ,  Hida, Tetsuro  ,  Ito, Kenyu  ,  Ishikawa, Yoshimoto  ,  Tsushima, Mikito  ,  Ishiguro, Naoki

77 ( 3 )  , pp.525 - 530 , 2015-08 , Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, School of Medicine
In severe spinal deformity, pain and neurological disorder may be caused by spinal cord compression. Surgery for spinal reconstruction is desirable, but may be difficult in a case with severe deformity. Here, we show the utility of a 3D NaCl (salt) model in preoperative planning of anterior reconstruction using a rib strut in a 49-year-old male patient with cervicothoracic degenerative spondylosis. We performed surgery in two stages: a posterior approach with decompression and posterior instrumentation with a pedicle screw; followed by a second operation using an anterior approach, for which we created a 3D NaCl model including the cervicothoracic lesion, spinal deformity, and ribs for anterior reconstruction. The 3D NaCl model was easily scraped compared with a conventional plaster model and was useful for planning of resection and identification of a suitable rib for grafting in a preoperative simulation. Surgery was performed successfully with reference to the 3D NaCl model. We conclude that preoperative simulation with a 3D NaCl model contributes to performance of anterior reconstruction using a rib strut in a case of cervicothoracic deformity.

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