Departmental Bulletin Paper 対話的・協働的デジタル・ストーリーテリングの提案

小川, 明子  ,  OGAWA, Akiko

7pp.95 - 102 , 2015-03-31 , 名古屋大学大学院国際言語文化研究科
In the basic DST workshop model, programs mainly start with storytelling. The participants gather at workshop called Story-circle to tell their story ideas, exchange comments, and are asked to write a script. After that, based on the script, participants prepare photos and edit them into a Digital Story using video editing software. However, it seems quite difficult for lay people who have little communication resources to generate stories by themselves. In order to solve the problem, we launched “ Media Conte” workshop, which enables participants to find out their story seeds through dialogic, collaborative and playful story-weaving method. In the workshop, we established the concept of “pre-story space” and university students participated as facilitators to identify the seeds of participants’ stories there, weave them into the stories together and advise on how to use digital devices. Through running more than 10 workshops, storytellers who are not used to expressing themselves or are unfamiliar with computers successfully created stories through continuous dialogue with facilitators. On the other hand, through the collaborative storytelling process, the facilitator students get the opportunity to deepen their understanding concerning lives and thoughts of unportrayed people. In this study, by reviewing the concept and experiences of “Media Conte”, I would like to show how participants, both facilitator and participant deepened their mutual understanding.

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