Departmental Bulletin Paper 中学運動選手における心理社会的発達課題の達成と心理的競技能力

竹之内, 隆志  ,  大畑, 美喜子  ,  TAKENOUCHI, Takashi  ,  OOHATA, Mikiko

38 ( 1 )  , pp.13 - 19 , 2015-05-29 , 名古屋大学総合保健体育科学センター
This study examined the relationship between achieving psychosocial developmental tasks and psychological competitive ability in athletes. Participants were 216 junior high school athletes (119 boys and 97 girls, mean age 13.65 years). A questionnaire was used to assess the level of achievement of seven psychosocial developmental tasks: trust, industry, identity, intimacy, psychological weaning, masculinity, and femininity. Psychological competitive ability was evaluated using the Diagnostic Inventory of Psychological Competitive Ability for Athletes (DIPCA; Tokunaga and Hashimoto, 2000). Correlation and multiple regression analyses indicated that the achievement of psychosocial developmental tasks was in general, positively associated with psychological competitive ability of athletes. In addition, multiple regression analyses indicted that in boys, masculinity and trust, and in girls, masculinity, identity, and psychological weaning were closely associated with psychological competitive ability.

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