Departmental Bulletin Paper ワシントン「告別演説」の日付に関する一考察

和田, 光弘  ,  WADA, Mitsuhiro

61pp.141 - 163 , 2015-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
This paper revisits the textual question concerning the date of Washington's Farewell Address by utilizing several historical docmnents which are relevant to the subject. Important facts found or conjectured include: (1) By his own hand, President Washington probably wrote down the date, "19th September," in his final manuscript in the morning of Friday, 16th in order to adjust the date of his manuscript to the prearranged date of publication of the newspaper in which his Farewell Address would appear. This act may suggest his own point of view to his Farewell Address. (2) It is also probable that David C. Claypoole, the publisher of the newspaper, American Daily Advertiser, changed the date in the president's manuscript to "17th September" when the typesetting of the manuscript started on a full scale on Saturday, 17th. Moreover the date, "17th September," was the only option Claypoole had when he tried to change the date. (3) By reading the proof sheets twice, President Washington formally authorized the change of the date as a result (even if he did not recognize the change). (4) Based upon the facts and conjectures above, both dates, "17th September" and "19th September," equally have eligibility to be identified as the date of Washington's Farewell Address.

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