Departmental Bulletin Paper <女はらから>の物語史

大井田, 晴彦  ,  Oida, Haruhiko

61pp.165 - 179 , 2015-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
In the tales of the Heian period, there are many scenes that a man peep at two beautiful sisters. By peeping, a lot of tales are started. Especially, 1st and 41st chapter of Isemonogatari had a great influence on following tales. In Isemonogatari, Narihira helped his poor brother and sister-in-law. He was paised for his compassion. In contrast, portrait of the sisters is obscure, we cannnot differentiate. In Utsuhomonogatari, Atemiya and Onnna-ichinomiya had grown together in Sanjoin. After a while, Atemiya had married the Crown Prince, and be called Fujitsubo. Onnna-ichinomiya had married Nakatada. Atemiya was annoyed by jealous ladies. She envied Onna-ichinomiya her good luck. This tale has interest in women's life. In Genjimonogatari, the motif of two sisters is repeated, and portrait of the two is detailed. At first, Kaoru loved Oikimi, after her death, he loved Nakano-kimi. Finally he married Ukifune who is half sister of Oikimi. This motif is essential to prolong tales.

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