Departmental Bulletin Paper 堀田善衛の「家」と文学 : 『酔漢』を読む

山下, 宏明  ,  Yamashita, Hiroaki

61pp.149 - 163 , 2015-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
The soldiers of Enryakuji who protected the royal palace and Pope Goshirakawa, shooted the palanqins which monksoldieres carried on their shoulders. The monks had presented a direct petition to the Pope Goshirkawa about court soldier's violences. Monk's wrath developped so much that the Pope punished Narita, not his leader Shigemori but a vassal Narita. Narita was degraded to local area Iga (Mie prefecture). Then his friends took a farewell meeting for Narita. The more they drank sake, the more melancholic they became. Finary their wrath developped to suicide, while they were setting fire to his house. The fier spreaded to the Royal Palace. The famous fire, we can read that Angennnotaiqwa was caused by Narita's anger, the story told. This is the story which the Genpeijousuiki told. Hotta Toshie rewrote this story as "Suikan" or drunken. Acording to Hatta, Narita and his freiends thought the govermental compromise ridiculous or "bakabakashii". Hotta thought this story reminded of the ruin of the Hotta's family itself. He built a comedey about the goveremental compromise, rewriting Genpeijousuki.

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