Departmental Bulletin Paper 『説文解字』「許敍」の「庶業其緐」句について : 「其」字の解釈をめぐって

田村, (大田) 加代子  ,  TAMURA, (Ota) Kayoko

61pp.127 - 148 , 2015-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
The main question in this article is why Duan Yucai (段玉裁) interpreted "qi (其)" in "shu ye qi fan (庶業其緐)"as "ji (極)". Therefore I try to search the data that make me possible to reason the process and the motivation for Duan Yucai (段玉裁) to reach the interpretation by way of analysing the construction of several Old Chinese Characters Xiao-Zhuang (小篆) concernd with the question alongside the explanation of Shuowen-Jiezi (説文解字) introduced by Xu Shen (許愼). And I also made use of Xunzi (荀子) Wangba-pian (王覇篇). At the same time, I try to explain how Duan Yucai (段玉裁) made the four-letter-rephrase "shi fan yi zi (事緐僞茲)" out of "shu ye qi fan, shi yi meng sheng (庶業其緐飾僞????生)", utilizing the chain ideas on the meaning of Chinese letters.

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