Departmental Bulletin Paper 谷川徹三に継承された有島武郎の審美眼


61pp.89 - 111 , 2015-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
With a large contribution in his outstanding career, Tanigawa Tetsuzo (1895-1989), born in Tokoname city (Aichi), is certainly one of the well-known philosophers in Japan. After graduated from the Fifth junior higher school of Aichi prefecture at Nagoya, he entered, in 1913, the First higher school of Japan in Tokyo. Studying in this institution, he join, with interests in Walt Whitman's poems, in the Society of Leaves of grass (Kusanohakai), founded by Arishima Takeo (1878-1923) and five students of the First higher school in 1917. Tanigawa became immediately a keen member of this society and then one of the disciples of Arishima. After the suicide of Arishima in 1923, Tanigawa had become not only philosopher but also specialist on the artistic domains like art history, fine art, aesthetics, pottery, cinema, antique etc. In later years, Tanigawa said that he had studied his eye for the beauty via Arishima's apollonian viewpoint. Therefore, in this paper, I analyze, in detail, the friendship between Tanigawa and Arishima and, considering their artistic works, disclose the process of transmission of the sense of value for the beauty from Arishima to Tanigawa.

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