Departmental Bulletin Paper フッサール初期時間論の基本概念とアポリア (I)

宮原, 勇  ,  MIYAHARA, Isamu

61pp.45 - 73 , 2015-03-31 , 名古屋大学文学部
It has been widely admitted that the main text of Husserliana Bd. X is very difficult to interpret consistently because of its compilation. The first version of the main text appeared in one of the Jahrbuch (1928) collected from various Husserl's manuscripts written in a comparatively wide period, and edited by Edith Stein and Martin Heiddeger in an arbitrary way. At last in the year 2013, the PhB version of Husserliana Bd. X was published by Rudolf Bernet with a long introduction, in which he confirms the date of each manuscript. So we investigate the textual genesis of it and the whole structure and relations of the problems concerning the time-consciousness on the basis of such a textual criticism. Especially we propose a new interpretation of the diagram of time-consciousness of §10 and its text, namely; Husserl's famous diagram originated in the diagram drawn by Franz Brentano, which we can know through the report by Carl Stumpf. We conclude that it is impossible to understand the phrase 'die stetige Reihe der Ordinaten' in the text of §10 without knowing Brentano's diagram.

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