Departmental Bulletin Paper 高木貞正日記の研究

楊, 柳  ,  森, 彩乃  ,  張, 瀚之  ,  加地, 美峰  ,  伊藤, 有美  ,  可児, 光生  ,  石川, 寛  ,  羽賀, 祥二  ,  YANG, Liu  ,  MORI, Ayano  ,  ZHANG, Hanzhi  ,  KACHI, Miho  ,  ITO, Yumi  ,  KANI, Mitsuo  ,  ISHIKAWA, Hiroshi  ,  HAGA, Shoji

12pp.178 - 59 , 2015-03-31 , 名古屋大学附属図書館研究開発室
This paper focuses on research using the nisshi (daily journal) written by Sadamasa Takagi in 1879. Takagi was the first head of the Tagi-Kamiishizu District in Gifu Prefecture, and in the year 1879, county offices opened there. This paper combines the nisshi from 1879 with annotations where necessary and provides lists of people and places involved. The paper also offers explanations of the nisshi's main items, such as the district offices' work, compares the nisshi by the first district head of Kani District Dōichi Kamiya, and introduces materials related to the era of the Takagi Family documents. Besides elucidating the Tagi-Kamiishizu District itself, this research is also useful for acquiring a better understanding of the state of district heads and governments during the early Meiji Period.

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