Departmental Bulletin Paper 関ケ原町歴史民俗資料館所蔵高木家文書目録

石川, 寛  ,  ISHIKAWA, Hiroshi

12pp.27 - 57 , 2015-03-31 , 名古屋大学附属図書館研究開発室
The Takagi Family Documents held by the Nagoya University Library are a collection of historical documents passed down through the Nishi-Takagi family, a former shogunal vassal. There are estimated to be as many as 100,000 total items, with a scope that was not seen in other shogunal vassal family Documents, for instance, extensive materials related to flood control of Kiso Sansen. In addition to managing those Takagi Family documents, Nagoya University Library Studies is also engaging in inquiry about and collection of the Takagi Family Documents dispersed elsewhere. Through this process, it was discovered that the Sekigahara Town History & Folklore Museum also possesses the Takagi Family Documents. This year, the documents were surveyed and organized; their relationship to those held by the Nagoya University Library was analyzed, and a catalog was prepared. This paper serves as a report on this investigation and the catalog.

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