Departmental Bulletin Paper Logical Thinking Skills In Academic Writing: An introduction to a research-writing course at Nagoya University

Wai, Ling Lai  ,  賴, 偉寧

12pp.1 - 8 , 2015-03-31 , 名古屋大学附属図書館研究開発室
A major problem facing graduate students in Japan is publication, and the root cause of the problem is the lack of a proper training in how to write clearly and convincingly. "Logical Thinking Skills In Academic Writing" is a graduate course tailor-made to solve this problem. Offered at Mei-Writing, Nagoya University, the course is specifically designed to train graduate students, through a writing pedagogy called the Logical Writing Process Cycle (LWPC), how to write a clear and convincing research paper for publication. This paper is to provide a brief introduction to the course. The paper begins with a brief history of the course, showing the demand and achievement of the course. Section 2 is about the course's primary objective, which is accompanied by an explanation about why learning to write clearly and convincingly is important for publication. Section 3 presents the writing pedagogy, highlighting how the four cyclical stages of the LWPC are implemented to deliver clarity and convincingness. From the LWPC we shall see that the basis of clarity and convincingness lies in the presence of a thesis statement and an inferential relation that connects the statement with its supporting premise(s). Section 4 ends the paper by suggesting a new direction of academic writing education.

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