Journal Article Optical determination of the exchange stiffness constant in an iron garnet

Matsumoto, Keita  ,  Brächer, Thomas  ,  Pirro, Philipp  ,  Fischer, Tobias  ,  Bozhko, Dmytro  ,  Geilen, Moritz  ,  Heussner, Frank  ,  Meyer, Thomas  ,  Hillebrands, Burkard  ,  Satoh, Takuya

57 ( 070308 )  , pp.070308-1 - 070308-3 , 2018-06-18 , IOP Publishing
Brillouin light scattering measurements were performed in the backscattering geometry on a Bi-substituted rare earth iron garnet. We observed two different peaks: One is attributed to a surface spin wave in the dipole-exchange regime while the other is referred to as a backscattering magnon mode, because the incident light in this case was scattered backward by exchange-dominated spin wave inside the material. We propose a method to estimate the exchange stiffness constant from the frequency of the backscattering magnon mode. The obtained value is comparable with the previously reported values for Y_3Fe_5O_12.

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