Departmental Bulletin Paper 基幹教育における障害学生支援の現状と課題

面高, 有作  ,  横田, 晋務  ,  甲斐, 更紗  ,  田中, 真理

4pp.123 - 135 , 2018-03-23 , 九州大学基幹教育院
Universities are mandated to provide reasonable accommodation for people (students, faculty, staff, patients, and other users) with disabilities. Many universities have organized and developed support systems for persons with disabilities. Kyushu University also launched a “Support Section for Equal Opportunity Services,” which is responsible for supporting people with disabilities. In this report, we elaborate on the following three points based on the actual status of support for students with disabilities in the KIKAN education: 1) Reasonable accommodation in KIKAN education: Based on the data of reasonable accommodation in 2016, we examine how active learning and scientific experiment scenes are supported. 2) A manifestation of intention of students with disabilities: We delineate intention manifestation and reasonable accommodation with case reports. Also, we examine the necessity of understanding surroundings. 3) Fostering students who support people with disability: We describe the activities for supporting students and report on the classes that are being offered in the KIKAN education.

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