Departmental Bulletin Paper 大人数クラスにおけるプログラミング演習の実施と学習者の学習意欲の維持

辻, 康孝

4pp.77 - 88 , 2018-03-23 , 九州大学基幹教育院
As Artificial Intelligence technology advances rapidly, programming education not only for engineer courses but also for liberal arts attracts much attention. Introduction programming education in KIKAN Education is conducted in Programming Exercise, which teaches C-language and fundamental concepts of algorithms to all the first-year students, and is often held in large class. Programming Exercise is basic to major subjects such as numerical analysis, algorithm and simulation, for students majoring in science, and therefore expects that the students acquire programming skill to some extent as their learning output. However, acquisition of programming skill, in general, is difficult for novices. The author reports attempts in Programming Exercise held especially in large class which aim at improving students’ understanding and maintaining their motivation for learning.

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