Departmental Bulletin Paper 「九州大学・狩猟研究会(狩り部)」の設立と活動について

安田, 章人

4pp.57 - 66 , 2018-03-23 , 九州大学基幹教育院
In Japan, hunting is now in the spotlight. Hunting has been taking place against the background of the conflict between humans and wildlife. For example, wild boar and deer cause crop damage. Hunting, however, is not familiar to most people. We have established “Kyushu University Society for Hunting Studies” in 2014 with the purpose of considering co-existence with wildlife. The society has four kinds of activities: 1. Dissection of wild boar caught in Ito Campus, 2. Processing of meat, skin and bone, 3. Observation of hunting and interviewing hunters, and 4. Taking field trips to a slaughterhouse. For our purpose and for the development of society, we hope to reinforce our relationship with the Faculty of Agriculture and Science in the university, and with locals living in the vicinity of the campus.

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