Departmental Bulletin Paper 学生が考える学習時間が短い理由とその対策 : 平成29年度九州大学学生モニター会議活動報告

中世古, 貴彦  ,  丸野, 俊一

4pp.43 - 56 , 2018-03-23 , 九州大学基幹教育院
Kyushu University appoints “student monitors” in order to hear opinions and proposals from the students regarding the university’s policies for education, student support, and career support among other things. Convened for the first time in 2006, student monitors meetings have been held once or twice a year every year. In 2017, the agenda designated to the student monitors was”why is the study hours of Kyushu University’s students so short?” According to a student survey of 2015, more than 40% of the students hardly prepared for and reviewed classes; apparently, those students did not study until the test week. Through two web-based questionnaires and two meetings, the student monitors, informed by analyzed data, shaped their collective view on the reasons and measures for the short study hours. The conclusion of the discussion of the student monitors was reported to the executive vice presidents in August and then disseminated to the whole university through the Education Planning Committee in September. This article describes how the student monitors discussed the topic and what opinions and proposals they reached.

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