Departmental Bulletin Paper アクセシビリティ支援を担うピア・サポーター学生の学びのプロセス知的理解の観点からみた「障害」の意識変容

甲斐, 更紗  ,  面高, 有作  ,  田中, 真理

4pp.23 - 42 , 2018-03-23 , 九州大学基幹教育院
We examined the learning process of peer supporters of persons with disabilities, focusing particularly on their intellectual understanding of the changes in their awareness of disability. The results of tests conducted before and after an educational intervention program with 12 students revealed significant differences in the average scores for “knowledge about society and the laws to protect persons with disabilities”, “society’s discrimination of persons with disabilities and consciousness about developmental disorders”, and “reasonable accommodation” between the two tests. Besides verifying the effects of the intervention, we qualitatively analyzed the learning process using one student’s free descriptions of various class subjects. The following eight categories were revealed: “discovery and awareness”, “questioning the need of support for persons with disabilities”, “experiencing disability”, “development of awareness”, “active engagement”, “proposal for accommodation”, “the disadvantages of claiming reasonable accommodation”, and “consciousness about the self-improvement through the peer supporter program”. These findings suggest that changes in the supporters’ awareness of disabilities can be brought about by deepening their intellectual understanding.

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