Conference Paper Empathy factor mining from reader comments of e-manga

Ito, Eisuke  ,  Honda, Yuya  ,  Hirokawa, Sachio

2018-03-29 , Kennesaw State University
The digitization of manga (Japanese comics) is currently progressing. In the past, expressions of manga have evolved in a way that is suitable for printing on paper. With the spread of smartphones, the expression of e-manga is developing at present. In this research, we focus on reader comments on e-mangas in Comico. Comico is a popular e-manga service. Similar to other online contents services, such as YouTube, Comico implements a user comments system. Readers can post comments easily, and the comments quickly reach others, including the manga creator. Comico recognizes that reader comments may influence the creator and the story of e-manga. In this research, we try to mine the empathy factor of readers for the story and the characters of e-manga. We collect reader comments and apply feature selection of SVM (Support Vector Machine) to mine empathy factors among readers.

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