Departmental Bulletin Paper Antidermatophytic Activity of Bamboo Vinegars Collected at Different Temperatures

LIN, Han Chien  ,  WANG, Shao–Hung  ,  HUANG, Yi–Han  ,  SHIAH, Tsang–Chyi  ,  HWANG, Gwo–Shyong  ,  FUJIMOTO, Noboru

63 ( 1 )  , pp.75 - 81 , 2018-02-27 , Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University
Bamboo vinegars were collected from the chimney outflow of earthen kiln at different temperatures during the bamboo charcoal preparation from Moso bamboo (Phyllo¬stachys pubescens). To evaluate antidermatophytic activity of Epidermophyton floccosum (EF), Trichophyton mentagrophytes (TM) and Trichophyton rubrum (TR), the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of bamboo vinegars was determined by the broth microdilution method. The ether stratification of bamboo vinegars for three fractions (acidic, neutral and phenolic materials) and the ether fraction was also investigated. There was antidermatophytic activity for EF, TM and TR, when the bamboo vinegars were diluted 20 times (2.50%). The MIC had the best 0.32 mg/mL on EF for the vinegar collected at 100ºC, and the MIC of ether stratification showed that the ether fraction, the fractions of neutral, and phenolic materials had better antidermatophytic activity for EF, which was 0.16, 0.31 and 0.02 mg/mL, respectively. The MIC of ether fraction, and the neutral and phenolic materials of the bamboo vinegar collected at 120–125ºC for TM was 0.08–0.31 mg/mL. For TR, the vinegar collected at 80ºC had better antidermatophytic activity, and the MIC of ether fraction, the neutral, and phenolic materials was 0.16, 0.31 and 0.04 mg/mL. The MIC of antidermatophytic activity for the ether fraction of bamboo vinegars was 0.16–0.63 mg/mL and the phenolic compounds had the highest content, 62.68–78.32%. The phenolic material of phenolic fraction from bamboo vinegars was 82.27–94.45% and the MIC was 0.01–0.16 mg/mL. The phenol, cresol, 2,6–dimethoxyl–phenol and 2–methoxyl–phenol, from the phenolic material exhibited strong antidermatophytic activities due to the higher contents.

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