Departmental Bulletin Paper 畜産経営におけるICT 活用率とその費用対効果 : 畜種別比較分析
The ICT Utilization Ratio and the Cost-Effectiveness of the ICT Utilization in the Livestock Farm Management : Comparative Analysis Among the Types of Livestock

太田, 明里  ,  南石, 晃明  ,  長命, 洋佑

73 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 8 , 2018-02-27 , 九州大学大学院農学研究院
Based on the nationwide questionnaire survey, this paper revealed the ICT utilization ratio and the cost-effectiveness of the ICT utilization in the livestock farm. The results show that the ICT utilization ratio of dairy management is higher than that of other types of livestock management. The objective of ICT using which highly-evaluated the cost-effectiveness differences depends on the types of livestock. Finally, there is a difference of the ICT cost-effectiveness in human resources development between dairy and poultry farm management.
本研究では,全国アンケート調査に基づいて,畜産経営におけるICT 活用の活用率とその費用対効果を明らかにした.分析の結果,第一に,酪農経営が他の畜種よりICT の活用率が高いことを明らかにした.第二に,畜種によって費用対効果が評価されている活用目的が異なることを明らかにした.最後に,酪農と養鶏の間で人材育成におけるICT 活用の費用対効果に差があることを明らかにした.

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