Departmental Bulletin Paper 松本清張の推理小説の出発 : 「火の記憶」から「顔」へ
Seicho Matsumoto's Early Detective Stories : from "Memories of Fire" to "Face"

曹, 雅潔

21pp.77 - 87 , 2017-12-28 , 九州大学大学院比較社会文化学府比較文化研究会
Today Seicho is thought of as a writer of detective stories, and his "Stakeout" ("Harikomi"), which was written in 1952, is considered to be his first detective story. This paper analyzes three of his early stories from the viewpoint of narratology: "Stakeout," ''Memories of Fire" ("Hi no Kioku"), and "Face" ("Kao"), which were written in the first decade of his career as a writer. It can be concluded that Seicho started his detective stories with ''Memories of Fire" before "Stakeout," and that he aimed to combine reasoning and literariness in these two stories. In "Face," Seicho fused the two narrative types that he had tried in "Stakeout" and ''Memories of Fire."

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