Departmental Bulletin Paper 二〇世紀初期中国の象徴主義言説と日本
Chinese Symbolist Poetics in the Early 20th Century and Japan

金, 雪梅

21pp.59 - 69 , 2017-12-28 , 九州大学大学院比較社会文化学府比較文化研究会
The New Literature Movement in China in the early 20th century came into being and developed along with the influx of foreign literature. During this process, many Chinese intellectuals who had studied in Japan used Japan as both a window and a medium for importing foreign literature and theories. This thesis will explore the role Japanese symbolist doctrines played in symbolism gaining its position of orthodoxy and influence in modern China, and it will also analyze the similarities and differences between China and Japan in their acceptance of symbolism.

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