Departmental Bulletin Paper レジリエンスデザイン方法試論 : これまでのレジリエンス研究の実績に基づいた方法論の構築に向けて
Resilience Design Method : An Attempt at Interpretation Toward building a methodology based on the results of resilience researches

尾方, 義人  ,  西村, 英伍  ,  江頭, 優佳  ,  藤, 智亮  ,  綿貫, 茂喜

26/27pp.15 - 18 , 2018-01-22 , 九州大学大学院芸術工学研究院
Most of support to disaster victims are material support. It is very necessary to provide material support when a disaster happens. The disaster victims often have to surmount emerging problems and uncertainties in their new lives meanwhile making a living. Their self-equipped resilience of surmounting difficulties translates into the problem solving capacity. Generalization and summaries of the above are the basis for behavior modification and the possibility to establish a new social foundation. This kind of resilience would translate into effective action when disaster falls next time, which would greatly prevent or mitigate disasters. The resilience-oriented behavior modification would bring new changes to the society, and generate the power to create a new future. In light of design theory (industrial design, functional engineering, human engineering), this study aims to develop a methodology for resilience design.

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