Departmental Bulletin Paper Simulation analysis of Japanese women’s lifestyles effects on lifetime public pension benefits and costs

Wang, Wei

159pp.59 - 74 , 2017-11-27 , 九州大学大学院経済学会
This paper examines how lifetime costs and benefits of public pension differ according to women’s lifestyles within a single generation in Japan. First, the effects of current pension programs on lifetime costs and benefits by each lifestyle of women are assessed. Second, we estimate the effects of alternative pension reforms such as the introduction of a Bend-point system and the abolishment of the third insured person (Category 3) on women’s lifetime net benefit amount by respective lifestyles. Simulation results demonstrate that the existing public pension system presents disincentives for working women in society and entails inequality between regular and non-regular workers in terms of lifetime net benefit. Moreover,results of this analysis confirm that alternative pension reforms can be expected to reduce the inequity of lifetime net benefit amounts among different lifestyles of women.

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