Journal Article 浅析《三言二拍》部分作品中的对称词 : 从历史语用学的角度出发

劉 驫

(264)  , pp.63 - 81 , 2017-10-26 , 日本中国語学会
本文以礼貌策略为理论基础,从“权力关系”、“友好关系”、“感情关系”3 方面出发,通过详细的定量调查和定性分析,对《三言二拍》其中10 卷作品中的对称词进行了网罗性和理论性的考察。同时, 本文按照古汉语对称词的特性,指出了传统理论的遗留问题。为了解决这些问 题修正了传统理论中的部分假说,对该理论的进一步完善而做出了贡献。关键词 礼貌策略 敬称型 中立型 爱称型 直示型
This paper is focused on terms of address in in some parts of San Yan Er Pai, from the perspective of ‘power relationship’, ‘friendly relationship’ and ‘emotional relationship’, based on a theoretical framework of politeness. The functions of various address terms were investigated comprehensively and theoretically. Meanwhile, in accordance with the characteristics of address terms in ancient Chinese, this paper also points out some problems of the hypothesis that proposed by the previous works. The author believes that the modifications made by this paper will be able to contribute to a further development of the existing theories.

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