Departmental Bulletin Paper 空気循環式全館空調システムによる太陽熱利用に関する研究 : その2 実験結果と負荷削減効果
Study on Utilization of Solar Heat Energy in Detached House with Central Air Conditioning and Circulation System : Part 2 Measurement Results and Energy Load Reduction Effects

隈, 裕子  ,  尾崎, 明仁  ,  住吉, 大輔  ,  中池, 和輝  ,  原口, 紘一  ,  李, 明香

31pp.29 - 36 , 2017-01-15 , Faculty of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University
In order to reduce the energy consumption of houses, it is essential to reduce heating and hot water supply energy, which accounts for about 60% of energy consumption. Therefore we propose a new air conditioning and solar heat collection system to supplement 50% or more of the heating and hot water supply energy. We constructed 6 test houses in 6 regions of different climate characteristics and measured temperature, humidity and energy consumption. Based on these studies it was concluded that an indoor temperature and humidity environment variation is constantly affected by air circulation system. The measured energy conservation effectiveness of solar heat utilization for reduction of heat load requirements are over 50% at 5 locations in winter. The effects of using passive method in summertime is studied. Two types of analysis evaluated as an external air load reduction rate of the total heat exchanger exceeds 60% in each area, and the air conditioner operates with low load and high efficiency in the system. The measurement and numerical simulation were shown the accuracy of the numerical simulation was confirmed with the observation results.

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