Departmental Bulletin Paper 都市環境負荷予測シミュレータの開発 : グラフ関数同定プログラムの開発とモデルの検証
Development of a Simulator for Prediction of Urban Environmental Loads : Parameter Identification Method in Multiplier and Verification of Model

上野, 貴広  ,  住吉, 大輔  ,  赤司, 泰義  ,  高口, 洋人

31pp.19 - 28 , 2017-01-15 , Faculty of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University
We made a long-term prediction simulator of CO_2 emissions from 1975 to 2050 for Fukuoka City with system dynamics. In this simulator, CO_2 emissions are calculated by multiplying CO_2 emission units with amounts of activities. In our past research, it took many hours to make the model because we manually adjust multiplying functions of the model. Therefore we develop a program to adjust every multiplying function of the model for reducing the simulator making hours. Moreover, we compared actual values and calculated values of the simulator by using multiplying functions that were identified by the program, and did accuracy verification of the program.

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