Research Paper 肥前浜城と島原城下町の復元的考察

西田, 博

p.1 , 2017-06-15
The 1792 earthquake in Unzen caused the eastern flank of the Mayuyama dome to collapse, and the site of the Hama Castle and the southern half of the Castle-town of Shimabara, to be buried under the earth. Due to absence of accurate maps and scarcity of documents as well as topographical data, the castle and the castle-town has not been a subject of study for quite a long period of time. This thesis is about reconstructing the plan of the Hama Castle and the Castle-town of Shimabara, by analyzing every detail of documents and maps, and by focusing on features of the early Edo period maps. The study has unearthed several facts about how the city of Shimabara had been formed before the earthquake.

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