Departmental Bulletin Paper 中等教育現場における書き言葉の課題 : 名詞述語文「AハBダ」文の分析から
Some problems to be solved about written language in secondary Japanese education : An analysis of noun-predicate “A wa B da” sentences

河野, 亜希子  ,  松村, 瑞子

39pp.75 - 86 , 2017-09-01 , 九州大学大学院言語文化研究院
This paper shows some problems about written language in secondary Japanese education by analyzing noun-predicate sentences (“A wa B da”). When teaching written language to students, educators often overlook issues other than grammatical mistakes, and vary in their judgment about whether a given sentence is acceptable or not. The acceptability of noun-predicate sentences is especially controversial if they call for pragmatic interpretation or communicate new facts. Although students often write sentences concerned, this may be because their writing tends to be influenced by spoken language, and not because they are aware of the functions described above. That being said, written and spoken language should not be discussed as two sides of a dichotomy. Instead, it is important for students to know and write various kinds of sentences. This leads to them to acquire skills to express their thoughts in appropriate ways.

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