Departmental Bulletin Paper 生活保護のスティグマに関する経済学的研究のサーベイ
A survey of economic studies in welfare stigma

栗田, 健一

158pp.1 - 6 , 2017-07-28 , Kyushu Daigaku Daigakuin Keizaigakukai
The individuals which take-up welfare benefit have mental burden as if to be marked negatively by others. It is called “social stigma”that a mark or image of disgrace associated with a specific character, type and quality regarding to some individuals or groups. In the context of welfare, stigma is one of the most important factor,which limits the incentive of take-up welfare benefit. From the social view, welfare stigma has both positive and negative effects, the former is the effect of limiting welfare fraud and the latter is the effect of damaging even the needy mentally. Recently, studies about low take-up rate focusing stigma have gained lots of attention. In this paper, we review previous studies related public policy and stigma focusing on theoretical research.

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