Departmental Bulletin Paper 近代日本の陸海軍における将官昇進と藩閥
The Japanese Generals of the Imperial Army and Navy, Especially focusing on their Birth Prefecture and their feudal clan clique

本山, 聡毅  ,  西尾, 典子  ,  宮地, 英敏

24 ( 1 )  , pp.13 - 28 , 2017-07-25 , 九州大学大学院地球社会統合科学府
The purpose of this paper is to analyze these statistically about the birth prefecture of the generals in empire Japan. Conventionally, this problem has been important as the feudal clan clique, so it has been said that a birth prefecture had a big influence on the post in the Imperial army and the Imperial navy. Particularly, many Imperial naval generals were from Kagoshima prefecture, and many Imperial military generals were born in Yamaguchi prefecture. According to the statistical numerical value, the tendency mentioned above was right partially. In the army, the Choushu clan clique (born in Yamaguchi prefecture) was surely the majority, but the Satsuma clan clique (born in Kagoshima prefecture) was also same numbers in the first half of Meiji era. In the navy, the Satsuma clan clique was the majority which separated others. However, the time is early than it was conventionally pointed out, when the promotion to general by the feudal clan clique had begun to decrease. In addition, several other feudal clan produced relatively many generals. In brief, the influence of the feudal clan clique was smaller than many people assumed. When the army and navy were founded in Japan, several feudal clan sent many equipment and talented persons. So in early days many generals were from some limited feudal clans; Choushu, Satsuma, Saga, Kumamoto, and so on. However, after modern military educational institutions were established, young men of the whole country received military and naval education, and they were promoted to generals in comparative fairness. As a result, the influence of the feudal clan clique decreased at considerably early time.

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