Departmental Bulletin Paper 被災地/避難先に<住む>ということ : ハイデガー哲学の視点から
What is it - the Exile from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster? : Considering from the Perspective of Heidegger’s Philosophy

鏑木, 政彦

24 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 11 , 2017-07-25 , 九州大学大学院地球社会統合科学府
Six years have passed since the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. A lot of problems that the victims of this accident have faced are not solved yet. But many people outside Fukushima have already forgotten what happened 6 years ago. Bullying the students who take refuge from Fukushima happens in various places in Japan, and a Minister for Reconstruction uttered an inappropriate remark on the people fleeing to safety. This paper aims to explore the problems that are behind the current situation about the exile from the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster. What have the victims of the disaster lost? What is it to live in the area that is affected by that accident and in the refuge? First of all this paper considers what it is to live at all from the perspective of Martin Heidegger’s philosophy. Next it analyzes the voices of victims and shows that they have lost, in Heidegger’s words,“ the squareworld”(das Geviert) where the earth, the sky, the godly and the mortal are united closely. Finally the paper examines the philosophical cause of the deconstruction of Fukushima nuclear power plant from Heidegger’s point of view and focuses on the activities of poets and novelists who try to reconstruct the disaster area by their words. According to Heidegger human beings need to live in the dwelling of words to take back their square-world. This paper concludes that we can understand the situations of the victims better through Heidegger’s Philosophy, yet we must go further to explore the darkness that it cannot illuminate.

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