Journal Article Cathode Properties of Sodium Manganese Hexacyanoferrate in Aqueous Electrolyte

Nakamoto, Kosuke  ,  Sakamoto, Ryo  ,  Kitajou, Ayuko  ,  Ito, Masato  ,  Okada, Shigeto

4 ( 1 )  , pp.6 - 9 , 2017-03 , Green Asia Education Center
Aqueous sodium-ion batteries have been proposed as an attractive alternative to large-scale energy storage in terms of safety and economic efficiency. We experimentally confirmed that the potential width of the practical electrochemical window of a highly concentrated aqueous NaClO_4 electrolyte had 2.8 V by using the method of cyclic voltammetry. This positive effect allowed the Na_2MnFe(CN)_6 cathode to operate reversibly at unusually higher potentials in highly concentrated aqueous electrolyte without any side reactions such as undesirable oxidation of water.

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