Departmental Bulletin Paper 芸術文化創造とコミュニティ再生型アクティブ・ラーニングを支援する〈地域図書館〉の意義

岩井, 千華  ,  藤原, 惠洋

3pp.97 - 108 , 2017-03-28 , 九州大学基幹教育院
At present, Japanese libraries have many functions. Before the war, libraries were made under government leadership. Contributions for local residents and development of libraries’ buildings followed the storage of books. After the library law was established in 1950, the spread of free lending of books became regarded as important. The cultural activities of the library are called “interaction,” which includes creation of arts, self-expression, and self-actualization. Some play, others do volunteer activities as librarians in a city library. Moreover, university libraries came to have active learning spaces. These can function in a way that is open to the general public. While libraries be self-enclosed because of the attempt to maintain silence, it is possible to draw the interest of people through research meetings and discussions. Public libraries do not need to increase their various functions but rather should transform their concept and promote the participation of residents.

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