Departmental Bulletin Paper 震災時の大学からの情報発信 : 留学生をはじめとする学生への公助として

林, 幸子  ,  藤野, 遥  ,  李, 聡  ,  三島, 美佐子

3pp.63 - 77 , 2017-03-28 , 九州大学基幹教育院
The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake in April has strongly impressed us the fact that a powerful earthquake could occur in the area where earthquakes were thought to be few. The fact also indicates the necessity and importance of the preparation for strong earthquake and subsequent damages. Student of Kansei Communication PTLIII focused on the response and information provision related to the disaster by universities at the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake. The care and information provision for foreign students were also focused. Information provision through website of several universities in the cities of Kumamoto, Oita, and Fukuoka were overlooked for a month. The differences among each university were compared and several problems were extracted. We proposed that university should do (1) frequent release of safety confirmation information and of visual information of damage situation, (2) information provision in multi-language, which has equivalent quantity and quality to the information in Japanese, (3) making smooth access on web and prior well-known enforcement for disaster prevention information, and (4) prior well-known enforcement not only for university members but also for surrounding public people who might come to evacuate to the university campus.

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