Departmental Bulletin Paper An Analytical Study on Offset H-shaped Steel Beams to Square Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Column Connection Panels with Exterior Diaphragms

Mou, Ben  ,  Matsuo, Shintaro

28pp.79 - 94 , 2015-07-15 , Faculty of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University
This paper presents an analytical study on offset H-shaped steel beam to square concrete filled steel tubular column connection panels with exterior diaphragms. This research focuses on the full plastic strength and collapse mechanisms of the offset beam-to-CFT column connection panels, and investigates the influence of difference in beam depth and width to thickness ratio on the elasto-plastic behaviors of the offset beam-to-CFT column connection panels. The feasibility of analytical models generated by MSC. Marc 2012 is verified by a set of experimental results presented in the companion paper. Parameters used in this analytical study includes: differences in beam depths, width to thickness ratio and loading directions. FEM results suggest that the assumed collapse mechanisms can predict the failure modes of FEM models reasonably. Owing to overlooking confined effect by steel tubes on concrete panels, the proposed formulae underestimated the full plastic shear strength of the offset panels. On the basis of experimental and analytical results, an enhancement coefficient formula is proposed, which is derived from regression analysis taking the effect of width to thickness ratio of steel tubes and beam depth ratio into consideration.

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