Departmental Bulletin Paper 竜巻による急激な気圧低下が及ぼす建物室内外の非定常な気圧差力
An Unsteady Pressure Differential between the Inside and Outside of a Building Caused by Tornado's Suddenly-dropped Atmospheric Pressure

高橋, 駿介  ,  美並, 浩成  ,  大坪, 和広  ,  鶴, 則生  ,  前田, 潤滋

28pp.41 - 46 , 2015-07-15 , 九州大学大学院人間環境学研究院都市・建築学部門
When a tornado travels very fast, an unsteady pressure differential between the inside and outside of a building is generated by suddenly-dropped atmospheric pressure due to the tornado. However, there is little information about the characteristics of a force caused by the pressure differential. The authors developed an experimental system which generated a suddenly-dropping pressure around a building model in a calm condition using a gusty wind tunnel. The effects of an opening area of a building wall on the force generated by the pressure differential were studied using the system. We also performed some numerical simulations and compared with the experimental results. It was found that the bigger force of pressure differential was generated in a case of the smaller opening area.

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