Departmental Bulletin Paper 我が国における在日コリアンに関する研究の動向 : 在日コリアン青年の臨床心理学的問題を考えるために
Problems facing Zainichi Korean youth : A clinical psychological study based on a review of prior research on Zainichi Koreans

尹, 成秀

17pp.87 - 97 , 2016-03-01 , 九州大学大学院人間環境学研究院
This study considers the problems facing Zainichi Korean youth in the field of clinical psychology by reviewing prior research. The term Zainichi refers to Korean residents of Japan. First, the author defines and lists the characteristics of Zainichi Korean youth, then explains the differences between them and other young adults in Japan who are foreign residents or ethnically Japanese. Next, the author reviews previous studies in sociology, education, medical science, and psychology. These studies mainly consider Zainichi Korean youths’ identity, and suggest that they suffer from anxiety and conflicts regarding their interpersonal relationships with Japanese and other Zainichi Koreans. However, previous research has not sufficiently examined their anxiety and conflicts. Therefore, the author conducted a clinical psychological study on the problems facing Zainichi Korean youth in order to more deeply examine the issues of anxiety and conflict that arise in their interpersonal relationships.

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