Departmental Bulletin Paper 性別および同性愛者タイプと同性愛者に対する受容感の関連
Relationship between sex and homosexuality and the level of acceptance of homosexuals

古長, 治基

17pp.45 - 51 , 2016-03-01 , 九州大学大学院人間環境学研究院
The purposes of the present study was to classify the sense of acceptance to homosexuals of adolescent people, and to examine the sense in the point of view of sex and homosexuals type. It was examined the relationship between sex of respondents and homosexuals type which respondents answered and the sense of acceptance to homosexuals. University students(n=108), junior college students(n=108) and vocational college students(n=99) completed a questionnaire about sense of acceptance to homosexuals either gay or lesbian. Factor analyses yielded two factors, “sense of personal acceptance” and “sense of general acceptance”. In the males, the score of “personal sense of acceptance” of gay was lower than the score of it of lesbian. The score was no difference in both males and females in the “sense of general acceptance”, and the score was high. From these results, it is suggested that to accept the existence and concept of homosexuals is achieved sufficiently in adolescents. While, particularly in males, there is a possibility that to accept gay is not sufficiently if they image gay close.

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