Conference Paper 協調型インタラクティブ進化計算実行チームの形成支援システム

高木, 英行  ,  大西, 圭  ,  栗栖, 万理子  ,  佐藤, 太河

Interactive evolutionary computation (IEC) is a technique that enables people to have creative activities with a computer relying only on their Kansei. IEC is usually implemented by a single user, but depends on the type of creative activity. IEC with multiple IEC users, called cooperative IEC, may enhance creativity of the IEC users through interactions among the IEC users. To validate the practicability of cooperative IEC, we need to conduct the three following steps; (1) finding a creative task for which cooperative IEC is effective, (2) developing a support system for organizing a creative team under the assumed task, and (3) developing a system for implementing cooperative IEC by the organized team. In the paper, we conduct (1) and (2). As a task mentioned in (1), we use a task to design a sign sound for warning danger in which a close consensus among multiple people is necessary. As a system mentioned in (2), we develop a system visualizing not only the best sounds that multiple IEC users create independently but also their impressions, which makes the multiple users understand other users easily and helps them to find their collaborators. Through experimental evaluations, we obtain feedback from participants of the experiment.

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