Preprint Boundary modeling in model-based calibration for automotive engines via the vertex representation of the convex hulls

Waki, Hayato  ,  Nae, Florin

2016-62016-04-26 , Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University
When using the convex hull approach in the boundary modeling process, Model-Based Calibration (MBC) software suites - such as Model-Based Calibration Toolbox from MathWorks - can be computationally intensive depending on the amount of data modeled. The reason for this is that the half-space representation of the convex hull is used. We discuss here another representation of the convex hull, the vertex representation, which proves capable to reduce the computational cost. Numerical comparisons in this article are executed in MATLAB by using MBC Toolbox commands, and show that for certain conditions, the vertex representation outperforms the half-space representation.

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