Departmental Bulletin Paper 市販CFDソフトウエアによる実地形を対象とした年間平均風速および年間発電電量の予測
Analysis of the Airflow Field over Real Terrain with Commercially-Available CFD Software

内田, 孝紀  ,  青柳, 達郎  ,  渡邊, 文人  ,  見上, 伸

150pp.34 - 39 , 2016-03 , 九州大学応用力学研究所
The present study compared the prediction accuracy of three CFD software packages for simulating a airflow over real terrain: 1)Meteodyn WT (turbulence model: k-L RANS), 2)WindSim (turbulence model: RNG k-ε RANS) and 3)RIAM-COMPACT【○!R】 (turbulence model: the standard Smagorinsky LES), which has been developed by the lead author of the present paper. The results from the simulation with RIAM-COMPACT【○!R】 were compared to those from two commercially-available CFD software package (Meteodyn WT and WindSim) and were found to be in good agreement.

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