Departmental Bulletin Paper Compilation of bathymetric data of the East China Sea

Uehara, Katsuto

150pp.6 - 13 , 2016-03 , Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University
One arc-minute resolution grid bathymetry of the East China Sea has been developed by compiling a large number of sounding data derived from various sources. The dataset was found to retain advantages of two existing grid bathymetries: representing basic bottom features found in navigational charts as in skkutopo1m dataset, while it resolves detailed bottom features observed in gebco2014 gridded bathymetry. Through comparisons between new and nine existing datasets, spurious bottom features in previous datasets were identified in near-coast regions and in areas where the source data were sparsely distributed. The verification also has clarified the regions where additional sounding records are required to improve the data quality.

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