Departmental Bulletin Paper 風車および小規模地形の周辺流れに対する温度成層の効果 : その1:流れ場の可視化
Thermal Stratification Effects on Flow around Wind Turbine and Topography : Part 1 : Flow Visualization

内田, 孝紀

149pp.85 - 90 , 2015-09 , 九州大学応用力学研究所
We are developing the numerical model called the RIAM-COMPACT® (Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University, COMputational Prediction of Airflow over Complex Terrain). The object domain of this numerical model is from several m to several km, and can predict airflow over complex terrain with high precision. In this paper, the RIAM-COMPACT® was applied to thermally stratified flows around the wind turbine and the topography (isolated-hill).

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