Departmental Bulletin Paper 複雑地形における気象庁局地数値予報モデルデータ(LFM)を用いた簡易風況推定法の試み : 串木野れいめい風力発電所を例として
Practical Use of Weather LFM Data to Wind Power Field in the Complex Terrain : In the case of the kushikinoreimei wind farm

川島, 泰史  ,  内田, 孝紀

149pp.51 - 63 , 2015-09 , 九州大学応用力学研究所
In this report, we explain the outline of the weather GPV data such as GSM, MSM and LFM. Next, the comparison between the actual measurement data (observed value) and the weather LFV data is reported in the Complex Terrain .

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