Departmental Bulletin Paper Matrix Converter in Power Electronics as a Power Supply for Plasma Control : A Short Review and a Foresight

Jamil, Irfan  ,  Jamil, Rehan  ,  Nakamura, Kazuo  ,  Tokunaga, Kazutoshi  ,  Hasegawa, Makoto  ,  Araki, Kuniaki  ,  Zushi, Hideki  ,  Hanada, Kazuaki  ,  Fujisawa, Akihide  ,  Idei, Hiroshi

149pp.24 - 29 , 2015-09 , Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University
In recent years, with the state advancement of R&D strategies in matrix converter and the increasing demand of high efficient power supply in power electronics, matrix converter has raised wide attention among the research scientists. In order to cope with these demands, various converters with different rate of power are being developed and related research is realized to accomplish the new matrix converters. Thus, matrix converter as a power supply for plasma control is an important case in this paper. Survey of matrix converter topologies with low cost, small volume and high efficiency are discussed as a power supply for the plasma control. And a short review and a foresight of milestones, significant research and development of a matrix converter from 1950 till present are appended in this paper. In addition, the major contributions which review includes primary, secondary and significant historical research milestones in matrix converters with thematical and chronological order respectively are demonstrated.

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