Conference Paper An Experiment to Identify How Researchers Select Documents from Search Results

Hagiwara, Yasuko  ,  Wu, Meizhi  ,  Mizutani, Emiko  ,  Watanabe, Yukiko  ,  Ishita, Emi  ,  Tomiura, Yoichi

Researchers must confirm the novelty of their study by investigating whether similar research was previously published. If they search documents using a high-recall search strategy, the search results will turn out to be large. This then requires a significant amount of manual reading and selection to be performed by the researcher. Therefore, a more efficient function would be preferred. This paper outlines our intended experiment to clarify the criteria for document selection and the role of sentences in abstracts, by conducting interviews and think-aloud protocols. The experiment will contribute to enhancing function to support document selection in academic databases.

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